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Nex Vaporizer Cartridge

The EVE-18 Vaporizer Cartridge is far superior to any other 510 thread cartridges on the market. The intake holes positioned in the base of the tank coupled with a dual core co-fired ceramic heating element allows for the most flavorful vaporization of even the thickest of oils.

The core does not require the use of fibrous cotton material. Your oil only touches and is heated by pure ceramic. Embedded inside the ceramic is the heating coil which is made of the highest grade 316 stainless steel food grade metal.

Furthermore, we closed the airway and precision machine a micro sized hole which allows only vaporized particles to pass through retaining the condensed oil in the heating element and not in the airway where it could cool and clog the cartridge.

With more than 20 years of industry experience we understand how difficult it can be to find quality manufacturers and suppliers for your vaporizer hardware. Our team of professionals have taken in first hand experiences, conceptualized a better performing cartridge, designed several iterations, and now have developed a platform all vaporizer cartridges can stand upon.

All of our componentry is manufactured in certified GMP facilities, all parts are then assembled and quality inspected in a certified ISO:9001 facility in Loveland, CO USA.

Please contact us today and a representative will get you set-up with an account and we will get some samples rolling for you.

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